The world is made up above the big things that happen and the small ones. And the part of this so “unfair” is that we call them “big” and “small”. Because when something happens to you, you lose something or someone you really care about, that’s all there is. The world may be blowing up around you, but you don’t care about that, you don’t care about that at all.  
How do you let someone go? How do you understand that’s all right? And everything changes?How do you find a way out of that to make you feel good about life,instead of breaking your heart? The hardest thing you’ll ever learn is how to say goodbye.
“ further along, we know more about it, further along, we’ll understand why, cheer up, brother, living in the sunshine, we’ll all understand it by and by.”
Should I have faith in that God has prepared all the best for me?
or, it is a question which i shouldn’t even ask.

1 Response to Taken

  1. 涌森 Yongsen说道:

     写得不错,好像,因为俺的英文不太好。。。很久没见,保重!  湧森


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